Fishing MachineEdit

| |} For a video tutorial on how to make and use a fishing machine, click here (No sound).

A fishing machines is a 3x3 machine that will automatically collect fish from water directly below it. It must be activated with an Activation Crystal , like the mining machine. It also requires a conveyor belt leading to the chest on top of it, to feed it fuel, and another conveyor belt leading away from it, which will be used for any caught fish. Unfortunately, it collects fish just as slowly as a player, but since it's automatic, players don't have to spend long periods of time fishing. The fishing machine also rarely outputs ink sacs as well.


Instructions on how to make a Fishing Machine by MightyPork


Simple instructions of how to use by MightyPork

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On the new fishing machine do a cross only with planks,don't use iron.